Delivery Information & Payment Methods

Hello and welcome to the Shipping and Delivery Information page! Here you can get acquainted with useful information on terms and conditions of our goods delivery.

You can purchase your items online and ship them directly to your doorstep. We use the best carriers in the business to make sure your order gets to you on time. From the Secure Checkout page you'll see your item description, price and delivery timing. Where available, you can also choose a faster delivery method for each item on your order, for an additional fee. Delivery times vary according to your selected delivery address, availability of your items and the time of day you place your order.


UPSAll of UK1-2 days
On all days except weekends and public holidays.
UPSWorldwide except All of UK5-8 days
On all days except weekends and public holidays.

Payment Methods

Multidiagnostic offers payment via PayPal (PP), Telegraphic Transfer (TT) and Western Union (WU). All payments within this option area made in the displayed currency. The value that is displayed in the total is accurately the value charged.


To make a payment via PayPal, you will be transferred to the PayPal website to complete the transaction. A new account will be opened for you, if you do not yet have one.

The PayPal service is free of charge for all buyers. All details about previous payments via PayPal can be checked in the history folder. To do this, you have to log into your PayPal account and click on the History page. With PayPal payments, as a rule, the confirmation of payment by the financial institution is automatic.

PayPal accepts all major Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, so the costumer can make the purchases in complete safety.

Transactions can be made in the PayPal available currencies that can be found here. Base currency is in GBP and exchange rates are updated regularly.